Community development in seagrasses

For my work assessing patterns of recruitment on Calvert Island, I’m using a variety of devices to attract larval settlers and mobile adult forms of invertebrates. The devices I use in eelgrass (Zostera marina) habitats target different organisms, including those that are mobile and sessile as adults. The video below shows the installation of artificial seagrass on an array that also contains two settlement plates, and a small kitchen scrubby pad. This artificial seagrass is meant to represent the real thing in shape and texture. However, it provides a uniform substrate that we can use to look at how the communities that grow on the surfaces on eelgrass leaves differ across meadows and as you move from the edge to the interior of the meadow.

Video by Derek VanMaanen and Zach Montieth. Thanks for installing these ASUs! And, thank you, Krystal Bachen, for making them. Emily Adamczyk, thank you for the inspiring design. Finally, thank you, Minako Ito, for bringing the materials for these from Japan and kindly leaving them for us to use!

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